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Case Study

Asda and UK AI start-up Harley revolutionise retail decision-making

Asda and UK AI start-up Harley revolutionise retail decision-making

In the fast-paced retail sector, swift and informed decision-making is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.


Globally, retailers struggle to effectively leverage their extensive data for decision-making across all levels, from strategic to operational, particularly in high-pressure situations such as board meetings. Existing tools are complex and rely on technical know-how. Asda, a top-3 UK retailer, faced these universal challenges.


Asda wanted fast and flexible insights accessible by non-technical users, to enhance decision making.


In response, Asda worked with Harley to develop a real-time AI proof of concept capable of delivering live, actionable insights. Harley's platform processes data across multiple complex databases, offering rapid data-driven insights for high-value decision-making.


Harley’s platform makes large, complex, structured databases useful by serving insights in real time. Users can ask questions in plain English and receive insights in seconds. 


“Harley's real-time AI solution is the future of how people are going to interact with data. By integrating into Asda’s data ecosystem, the collaboration unlocks new levels of operational agility through rapid data-driven decision-making, setting a new standard within the retail industry.”
— Simon Jury, VP of Data & Analytics at Asda


This marks a significant enhancement alongside traditional dashboards and reports, now facilitating high accuracy and low latency in insights delivery.


Harley's Generative AI (GenAI) platform reduces the time required to understand company performance to seconds. This increase in speed and efficiency has enhanced Asda's operational agility, establishing a new industry benchmark for retail decision-making.

As an early adopter of retail's use of a real-time GenAI platform to support its decision-making process, Asda’s move bolsters its competitive advantage and underscores its commitment to redefining retail excellence. The collaboration with Harley demonstrates that having the right data at the right time can revolutionise decision-making in the retail landscape.

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